24 June, 2012 by admin, Film

Flere film

With the price of resources and energy becoming increasingly volatile, can today’s linear economy work in the long term? What if we didn’t buy the goods we use, but instead favoured access and performance over ownership? This short animation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation introduced the idea, and suggests how it could work for businesses, users, and the wider economy.


In 2007 the Municipality of Thisted won the European Solar Prize for European municipality
with the highest degree of renewable energy. However important winning the prestigious award was,
the interesting point was that the Municipality of Thisted saw the prize as a challenge to become
even better at implementing sustainable and renewable energy.


We are told that we can save energy and money by using energy-saving light bulbs.
However, are you sure that the utility companies want their annual income reduced?
Could this be a conspiracy to justify their rate increases?


Can shopping save the world? The Story of Change urges viewers to put down their credit
cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world.


Ellen takes us on a journey to investigates how insights from living systems might offer
some of the answers to how we can re-design our future, in a world of increasing finite
materials and energy.


There’s a world of opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we make stuff.
‘Re-Thinking Progress’ explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design
the way our economy works.