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Zero-Waste Fashion

An event about the transition towards a waste-free fashion industry, held at the newly established Design Society. Danish Fashion Institute and CradlePeople introduce the many possibilities in a new recycling system for clothing and at the same time organize a swap-market. Contribute with your opinion on how a return-system should work. 

Where and when:
On 12 June 2013 at 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Design Society · Danish Design Center
Hans Christian Andersens Boulevard 27, 1553 Copenhagen V

The event is fully booked, sorry.


stefan-seidel-puma Jonas-Eder-Hansen vigga-svensson-katvig Jesper-Rønn-Simonsen Lama_Juma
Stefan Seidel Jonas Eder-Hansen Vigga Svensson Jesper Rønn-Simonsen   Lama Juma
Deputy Head – Safe Head of Development CEO Head of Development   General Coordinator
Global PUMA Danish Fashion Katvig Kirkens Korshær   Byttemarkederne

Global PUMA Danish Fashion Katvig Church Army Swaps Markets

Puma does it, H & M does it. Jack & Jones does it. Recycle clothing. Our current take-make-waste model is outdated. In the future we will not only reuse, but also to a greater extent recycle our clothes and shoes.

We have high ambitions for a waste-free fashion industry, and hope you will help make that ambition become real. We intend to find the right business model for a collection system for clothing, and we need your input. How should a return system work, for you to use it?

Simultaneously, we hold a swap-market where you can drop off clothes you no longer use, and then go searching for treasures others have brought in. Excess clothing that is not exchanged, will be handed on to Church Army.


16:00 hrs
Swaps Market and coffee

16:20 hrs
“Fashion Industry transition to zero-waste”
/Jonas Eder-Hansen, Director CEO, Danish Fashion Institute

16:35 hrs
“The movement Swap Markets”
/Lama Juma, the General Coordinator of Swap Market

16:45 hrs
“Extensive reuse of Church Army”
v /Jesper Ronn-Simonsen, Head of Development, Church Army

17.00 hrs
“Katvig and sustainable, innovative fashion”
/Vigga Svensson, CEO Katvig

17:10 hrs

17:20 hrs
Workshop – how should the future recycling system for clothing look like?

18:20 hrs
“Pumas path towards zero-waste fashion”
/Stefan Seidel, Deputy Head Safe Global PUMA

18:40 hrs
Swap Market, networking and snacks

19:00 hrs
Thanks for today

The event is sponsored by Trope Snacks.