About us
CradlePeople is an organization for businesses, educational institutions, authorities and sustainability experts, who will not just reduce environmental problems. We want to solve them.

By using the design process Cradle to Cradle and circular ressource optimization, manufacturers can change their products to be nutrition and resources rather than waste when the product “dies”. It’s about resource efficiency and the usage of renewable options.

But who will arrange for the systemic change, and convey the message? How can we change our society values to contribute to both economic AND environmental growth?

CradlePeople aims to be the platform for dialogue and networking, as intermediaries between producers, experts and authorities. Manufacturers get to talk to other manufacturers. Companies will gain knowledge from experts and institutions. And the authorities can influence and be influenced to promote a circular economy. This is the goal of CradlePeople.

For more information contact us at hello@cradlepeople.dk


Other Organisations
The Danish C2C certification company:
Vugge til Vugge Danmark

The English organisation for circular economy:
Towards Circular Economy

The Swedish Network:

The German Network:
Cradle to Cradle Verein

The Dutch Network: 
Lets Cradle

The Belgian Network:
Cradle to Cradle Network

The international C2C certification company:
EPEA, Amsterdam

The third party who approves certifications:
Cradle to Cradle Innovationsinstitutet

The American C2C certification company: